MDx test
Published by Marko Lehes on 12 April 2017
SelfDiagnostics is pleased to announce that the company has successfully achieved a strategically important milestone by freezing product design of multiplexed sexually transmitted diseases MDx test.
Published on 3 April 2017
In addition to the existing 3 applications SelfDiagnostics has filed previously, further 3 applications have been submitted in March 2017. One of the applications is in progress. All 7 patents will enable the company to protect its core technology from replication; guaranteeing continued company value and growth in the coming years
Annual Molecular Diagnostics Conferenc
Published by Marko Lehes on 21 February 2017
Selfdiagnostics was presented as one of the 8 “Swimming with the Sharks” finalists at the 14th Annual Molecular Diagnostics Conference in San Francisco, USA on the 22nd February 2017 and was a one of the three winner. Our selection in this event as one of the best company demonstrates our recognition as a promising MedTech company.
Published on 3 February 2017
Sales of SelfDiagnostics third party products continues to nearly double each year. Sales increased to €702,000 in 2016 from €372,000 in 2015. This year Q1 2017 revenue reached €284,000. With SelfDiagnostics additional revenue drivers growth is projected to reach €1,600,000 for 2017.
Published on 2 January 2017
UK e-Shop launched as part of SelfDiagnostics international growth strategy - already had first transactions of male and female cancer, sexual health and food intolerance products.