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  • Adult cells grow, mature, divide and eventually die. Cancer cells have no such mechanism, proliferating freely and forming tumours within the body.
  • Because of this cancer cells penetrate into adjacent tissue, proliferate there and destroy surrounding healthy tissue. The consequences of the disease can be devastating, and the stress on both the patient and their relatives is enormous.
  • In spite of advances in medicine, cancer still breeds fear in those who have been diagnosed. Yet, in cases of advanced detection, the cancer can be curable.
  • Many types of cancer nowadays are curable. However, the course of the disease depends more on the type of the disease diagnosed, its spread within the body and the patient’s general condition.

Home Cancer Tests Can Help Diagnose Yourself

The promoting factors and reasons for cancer diseases are still in dispute. However, there is agreement that there are certain risk factors that can cause the development of tumors.

Among these risk factors are genetic history, smoking, imbalanced nutrition and not timely diagnosed infections (e.g., hepatitis B).

In order to prevent possible cancer diseases, it is important to detect it and to receive the targeted treatment as soon as possible.

You can use SelfDiagnostics Home Cancer Tests at any time of the year and your result is not affected by medication.

  • Quick and simple home cancer test kit
  • Accurate as a doctor's test
  • No need to send away to a laboratory
  • Test result in 30 minutes or less
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Detect Female Cancers early

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Fast and accurate home cancer tests and kits that enable you to perform reliable and initial diagnostics of your health. Like thermometers for measuring body temperature, these tests are your daily friends in identifying early possible diagnosis. The home cancer tests can also aid your doctor to prescribe the precise treatment.

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