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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are your tests?

SelfDiagnostics rapid diagnostic tests use latest scientific methods to determine your results. Our tests are used by healthcare professionals around the world, hence very accurate. Furthermore all our tests are developed and produced within the EU. 

Why should I buy a test instead of just consulting Dr Google and buying over the counter medicine?

Not all the health related pages on the web are reliable sources of information – so you have to be careful what you can trust. Sometimes you could have atypical symptoms or your symptoms might describe several conditions -  a health test is far more accurate than just guessing.

Why should I buy the test?

Our tests are meant not to replace the doctors but to give you a piece of mind. If you have a doubt (nagging feeling), then taking the test can give you a more detailed information about your health problem – either you have nothing to worry about or it gives you the boost and motivation to go and see your doctor.

Do I need a doctor?

Our rapid diagnostic tests are straightforward, fast and highly accurate – they are designed to be used in the comfort of your own home. You do not need a doctor to assist you. All instructions are contained in every product.

I am afraid of taking my own blood. Is the puncture painful?

If you ever had a common mosquito bite – it's similar to this. So, it is not painful. The least painful is the side of the middle or forth finger – there are less nerve endings here. Make sure your fingers are warm and you can massage your finger for a few seconds before taking the test.

What do I do with my results?

Should you have a positive result then we recommend you see your doctor and discuss the next steps about your health and whether further treatment is required.

How long does it take to get my product to me?

All SelfDiagnostics products are available for free delivery anywhere in the world, typically taking 3-5 days. In some instances your pruchase may arrive sooner. You can pay for a courier to deliver your purchase if you want it sooner, taking 1-2 days. You can read more shipping information here.

I don't want my purchase to be sent to my home.

No problem, you can add your desired delivery address during the checkout process.

How do I return if I am dissatisfied?

Providing the product has not been used, you can return to us. We shall reimburse the delivery costs and the price of your product via your payment card. More details here.

I need help.

You can contact SelfDiagnostics customer support team about our products and services at help[@] - our team are here from 08:00 to 18:00 (GMT) Monday to Friday.

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