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Do I need to take a Home Food Intolerance Test?

  • Different food sensitivity may be the reason for your indirect body reaction depending on the cause.
  • The food intolerance spectrum can range from a simple itching to redness and gastro-intestinal complaints, headaches or shortness of breath.
  • Unlike allergy it can lead to different serious complications and even anaphylactic shock after eating the specific food trigger.
  • Similarly, in the case of long-term tolerance of grain, for example, consumption of products containing gluten can cause serious complications such as colon cancer.
  • The food intolerance test kit will give you the opportunity to identify the causes of allergic reactions and treat them purposefully. You will be able to identify allergens in order to avoid them in future.


Do I have Food Intolerance?

A food intolerance is usually acquired once and will remain for a lifetime.

After the initial food intake the physical discomfort starts which later becomes a part of your everyday life. In order to avoid the long-term effects of this an early detection of causes of antibodies in your blood and targeted treatment later is essential.

When performing the food intolerance test included in this pack you will obtain informative results which can be used in establishment of the correct diagnosis.

Using these food tests will determine your food tolerance to such foods as eggs, milk and cereal allergies. Additionally you will be able to determine whether your food intolerance includes vegetables, seafood and other food products.

If you do discover what you are sensitive to a particular type of food, you can confidently seek medical advice and/or take appropriate action to reduce or possibly eliminate your symptoms.

You can use the Food Intolerance Test at any time of the year and your result is not affected by medication.

  • Quick and simple home food intolerance test kit
  • Accurate as a doctor's intolerance test
  • No need to send away to a laboratory
  • Test result in 30 minutes or less
Food Intolerances Self Test Kit
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Find out if you have Egg, Milk or Gluten Intolerance

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