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Investor relations

SelfDiagnostics was founded in 2008 by 3 entrepreneurs and scientists to develop new, easy to use, precise and low cost next generation molecular In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) technology and to offer different user friendly home use and professional tests to detect wide array of different symptoms.

Wider activities regarding development of NINAAT platform started in 2012 following successful closing of first grant agreements and raising additional capital from investors. In 2015 SelfDiagnostics secured public funds from EU agencies, being top 10 -ranked among about 600 candidates for the EU Horizon 2020 R&D grant in Europe. In addition to outstanding R&D results, one of the key elements in successful raising of the grants was the clear understanding about the commercialization of the high-potential technology, making the close to market and economically sound model of product deployment one of the core approaches of SelfDiagnostics.

In addition, SelfDiagnostics sells 3rd party home and professional tests. Through 3rd party product sales SelfDiagnostics gains the market experience and offers diversified product portfolio to satisfy customer needs. SelfDiagnostics sells wide range of exclusive products in collaboration with other laboratories.

The scientific and commercial success of SelfDiagnostics relies on the outstanding performance of its personnel. SelfDiagnostics is sufficiently staffed with experienced and knowledgeable personnel in key positions. The company employs 23 highly skilled professionals working in Germany and Estonia, 7 of them have a PhD degree. SelfDiagnostics employs and cooperates with renowned scientists and experienced managers, who hold academic positions, contribute to international research projects and are familiar with the worldwide launch of diagnostics devices.

In addition to R&D activities quality management system is under constant development. Sales and marketing activities are planned and tested in practice with sales of third party products in several EU markets. Essentially, back-office functions such as legal, IT and financial management are constantly improved, as a precondition for high quality corporate governance.

The activities of SelfDiagnostics are well funded. During the years grant organisations, private as well as institutional investors and lenders have been helping SelfDiagnostics to develop its activities.

SelfDiagnostics is preparing the next round investment round for 2018-2021. Fist of all, next round investment helps to achieve considerable annual sales of first proprietary, NINAAT based InTime product. To ensure the constant growth in company value, continuous, intensive and high quality R&D activities are vital. In addition to clinical and analytical evaluations of current product, SelfDiagnostics plans to make substantial R&D efforts to achieve at least 2 additional proof of concepts in other field of application and other sample material than urine by the end of 2021.

You can contact our CEO Marko Lehes for more detailed information here.



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