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Meet Selfdiagnostics team at MEDICA 2018
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Meet Selfdiagnostics team at MEDICA 2018

Selfdiagnostics team will be attending renowned forum for medicine MEDICA 2018 that will take place in Dusseldorf on 12 – 15 November.

This year we will focus on two things that are important for our future business development:

1. STD Multitest - licensing our innovative product that will give exclusive rights and will extend market opportunities for our future partner(s).

STD Multitest is the first and only rapid chlamydia and gonorrhoea duplex test in the world. It is painless, can be used by both sexes, provides reliable results in 30 minutes and utilises technology that is 100% accepted by doctors. Thus, making it the most advanced STD rapid test on the market. We have finalized product development and looking for the right partner(s) to launch the test in market.

2. e-service platform/marketplace that provides patients with access to self home tests starting from Allergy self testing to STD (including HIV) self testing. Our platform gathers personalized  services with evidence based information by medically approved  products. Marketer/doctors can reach end users, while end users can access treatment earlier by knowing their health status today instead of waiting laboratory results.

“Democracy in healthcare and patient autonomy will be the next big drivers in the healthcare sector. Selfdiagnostics is committed to support values that will influence industry and patients”, is Marko Lehes, founder and owner of SelfDiagnostics, believe and vision.

 “We want to give access to PCR (polymerase chain reaction) solution that is the gold standard for diagnosis of infectious diseases for end users all around the world. The Selfdiagnostics products are comparable to laboratory testing in terms of accuracy and there is no need to visit a laboratory or use special instruments”, says Marko Lehes.

Both our product and e-commerce platform will transform medicine by giving people the opportunity to take first steps in diagnosis.

In order to find more about our services and collaborative opportunities please contact Global e-commerce manager Zane Umbraska on +371 25991851 or at zane.umbraska@selfdiagnostics.com or Chief Sales Officer Harri Peiker on +372 50 88 547 or at harri.peiker@selfdiagnostics.com


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