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Research and Development

As one of Europe‘s most ambitious healthcare ventures, SelfDiagnostics holds a unique Nucleic Acid detection based technology for medical devices that helps detect diseases and provides diagnosis at home. Our proprietary NINAAT (Non-Instrument Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology) based molecular diagnostics platform will be applicable for human diagnostic tests on infectious and genetic diseases and can be easily adaptable in other fields of application in the future.

For the first time a fully disposable test for home use will deliver results within 30 minutes that matches the sensitivity and specificity close to gold standard techniques. Our POC (Point of Care) NINAAT diagnostic platform provides a disruptive technology challenging current test methods in healthcare system as well as in the fields in which robust detection of nucleic acids is an advantage.

As a first application of our NINAAT, a first human healthcare test product under the brand name “InTime” is scheduled for launch in 2021. It detects two of the most common sexually transmitted pathogens – Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhea (NG) from urine. Further fields of application - beyond healthcare - including pets and livestock veterinary, food safety testing and the detection of biological threats at the site of contamination will be introduced in coming years.

NINAAT platform represents the next generation molecular diagnostics technology, in which the main technological advantages are:

- Quickly adaptable for any new pathogens- within some months instead of 10-20 years as for serological tests currently available. This is the main reason why there are no serological tests for ebola or zika virus yet, as an example.

- Detecting viruses early and with high accuracy- NINAAT detects genetic material of pathogens directly, not antibodies as most other currently available fully disposable home use tests. Therefore, very early detection is possible with high sensitivity and it is not dependant on reaction of human body immunological reactions.

- Broadly applicable – technology can be applied to anything which can be detected from DNA/RNA (virological, bacterial and genetic disorders or micro-organisms). Therefore, the application is not limited just to urine sample and human health care. Further fields of application can include pets and livestock veterinary, food safety testing and the detection of biological threats at the site of contamination.

SelfDiagnostics possesses unique proprietary lysis technology embedded into NINAAT platform, which is more robust, effective and with better sensitivity as common lateral flow based home tests. Technology uses crude sample; no purification is required. As a result, the platform avoids complicated and time-consuming DNA extraction procedures. The amplification process is isothermal, it does not require neither temperature cycles nor instrumentation.

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