Test Yourself For
STI's and STD's at Home

Having an undiagnosed STI or STD can radically change lives. Find out today in the comfort of your own home if you are worried about a possible STI or STD infection. With Self Diagnostics Home STI Kit, you get 99.9% accurate test results in 30 minutes with a 100% Money Back guarantee.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and arthropods. Common bacterial pathogens include chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea. Viral STIs, along with infections and human papillomavirus range from HIV, genital herpes and hepatitis B. Parasitic pathogens include Trichomonas vaginitis, Phthirus pubis, and scabies.

Our STI Home Test Kit is The First Step

Infected persons run a higher risk of becoming infected with HIV since ulceration of the genital mucosa is considered a determinant place of entry and exit for the human immunodeficiency virus. Indirectly incurable STIs cause infertility (in the case of long-term presence of infection with chlamydia) and the formation of carcinomas. Taking a Home STD/STI test can be the first step in helping you find out if you have an STI or STD.

Self Diagnostics provides you a confidential, discreet and comfortable way to test yourself for STI's and STD's at home using our guaranteed home test kits. 

How Can An STI & STD Home Test Help Me?

SelfDiagnostics STI/STD home test is the first step in finding out if you have an STI. Our STI test kits are 99.9% accurate, and you get your results in only 15 minutes. The tests in this pack can detect first stage bacterial infections for chlamydia, syphilis, and Gardnerella vaginitis.

If you do discover that you have an STI through our home tests or kits, you can confidently seek medical advice and/or take appropriate action to reduce or possibly eliminate your symptoms.

You can use our home STI tests at any time of the year and your result is not affected by medication.

In many cases, STI’s are asymptomatic and do can be hard to determine if you have one. Therefore, it is vitally important to detect as early as possible these types of infections - especially for people who have several sexual partners.

Sexually transmitted infections are often accompanied by symptoms including urethral or vaginal discharges, genital ulcerations, swellings and pains in the lower abdomen.

Additionally, there are tests to detect possible fungal infections and parasitic pathogens like Candida and Trichomonas fungi.

What you get with Self Diagnostic's STD/STI Home Tests:

  • Quick and simple STI/STD self test kit
  • Tests are accurate as a doctor's STI test or screening
  • No need to send away your test to a laboratory
  • An over the counter STI test with guaranteed results
  • Test results in 30 minutes or less
Home STI Home Test with HIV for men
£ 79.99
With the STI test kit, you can test yourself for four of the most common sexually transmitted diseases that form over 90% of infection cases for men, also includes HIV test.

STI/STD Home Test Kits and Screening

Easy to use Home STI Tests that enable you to perform initial diagnosis. Like thermometers for measuring body temperature, these over-the-counter tests are your daily companions in identifying early possible complications. The STI/STD home tests can also aid your doctor to prescribe the precise treatment.

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