Weight Loss & Digestion Home Tests

What is a digestive problem
and do I have one?

  • Digestive sensitivity may be the reason for your indirect body reaction depending on the cause.
  • Digestive testing provides important information about the state of your digestive health and is a sensible place to check when your health is struggling or if you are suffering from digestive symptoms.
  • Our gut can influence our immune function, risk of chronic disease, allergies, autoimmune reactions, food intolerances, and possibly even our body weight—among countless other things!
  • Fortunately, there are a few tests you can do at home to gauge the state of your gut health and see if you have indications of a digestion or weight loss problem.

Do I have an digestive problem or wish to lose weight?

Many 'disgestion-related' symptoms can arise from non-food related causes (e.g. from someone's genetic family history).

Scientific research indicates that genetics affects body weight by as much as 40-70%. Genetics and nutrition specialists have cooperated to create the FiguraGen Weight gene test, which helps you to eat in a healthy way. DNA test analyses genetic variations related to the risk of excessive weight, distinctions of metabolism and the effect of physical exercise to body weight.

Weight loss tests are not suitable for children under 18 years old. Children seeking weight loss tests should seek the permission of their doctor or at least their parent or guardian.

If you do discover what you have certain digestion concerns, you can confidently seek medical advice and/or take appropriate action to reduce or possibly eliminate your symptoms.

You can use the Weight Loss and Digestion test at any time of the year and your result is not affected by medication.

  • Quick and simple home digestion and home weight loss tests
  • Accurate as a doctor's test
  • No need to send away to a laboratory
  • Test result in 30 minutes or less

Check out weight loss and digestion home test products and services

Easy to use and fast medical weight loss and digestion home tests that enable you to perform reliable and initial diagnostics of your health. Like thermometers for measuring body temperature, these tests are your daily companions in identifying early po200004ssible complications. The tests can also aid your doctor prescribe the precise treatment.

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